🔥The power of reading Bible:

Ask God for healing & all the helps you need, God won’t disappointe you


The power of reading Bible:

A believer suffered from spinal stenosis and systemic pain, which is a terminal condition. A servant of God told him to read one chapter of the Bible in the morning, one in the middle, one in the evening, and one before going to bed. He read for three months and recovered from his illness.
〔Shepherd Xiuhui from God〕

A believer was attacked by the devil, and many people in the church prayed for her. The devil did not leave her. God told one of his servants to tell her to read Revelation 18-20 repeatedly, and within about a day, she was released from the devil.

A believer was disturbed by the devil and couldn’t sleep well. The priest asked her to read Revelation 18-20, and after three days, she was healed.
〔From omegaministry nameless〕


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