products and entertainment from Satan

products and entertainment from Satan

In the 『 』is my words!


[love letter from Jesus to bride] 6 volumes 4.4.7
● Did you know that Satan 『seduces you: watching TV dramas, movies, playing mobile / computer games, using products from Satan (as the world is used to) to get your spirit』 will take your life, drag you to hell, and torture you.
You will surely find that your original views and views on Jesus are all lies.
If you think what I said is wrong, please listen to the testimony of people on the verge of death.

You will never hear a man go to hell, see the kingdom of Satan, and then come back to life and tell others how good the kingdom of Satan is. Why? Because when you are taken to hell, you will be locked in a pit of hell, and the devil will devour your flesh over and over again, and then your flesh will grow again. Demons will torture you crazily. They tie you to a stake in a hot oil pan.

Excerpt from:[love letter from Jesus to bride] 6 volumes 4.4.7

⭕️TV, movies, computer / mobile games are bringing people into the spirit world – the kingdom of demons

⭕️⭕️Testimony Of A Former Devil Worshiper Nonkoliso Ngeleka


We, young recruits『of Satan』 lived off the blood that we sucked on ordinary people living on earth. We would stand next to a person, for example at a bus stop or elsewhere, and we would begin to suck his blood, especially
●if you have one of our products. The victim then feels tired and somewhat depressed and they may think they have a tough day, but it is mainly ●because a devil worshiper is sucking their blood in the world of darkness, but the victim does not die.

●But if it were a Christian, saved and living a holy life, we could not suck his blood, if we tried to do it, the spirit of the Christian would intercede for that person and especially with a hymn and I would burn.

Similarly if we cause an accident with a Christian among the passengers, we would not be able to drink the blood of the people who died there, because the blood of the Christian would damage the blood in that blood bank, and if we had to drink this blood, we would be weak and unable to do our work. Satan and the leaders could not drink it either.

●If a person is holy, that person does not use ■our products:

●the strings『Like a string of pearls, a string of Buddhist beads』 are our products, it was my duty to utter incantations and curses on those objects,
●earrings, necklaces, nail varnish, hair extensions in fiber, no matter what kind, whether bonding or braiding,
●all objects in gold are satanic products,
●pearls and jewels(according to the following).
『satanic:Worshiping Satan or corrupting morality。

Search in Google: the origin of ring and necklace, you will find that are not good』

●So if you use these things, although you may be saved, if we want to attack you, we use our code and if you were wearing an earring or if you put it in your drawer, we would come and see the house protected by a wall of fire of God and we would scan with our code as it is done at the checkout in stores. This is because the earring or hair extension fiber that you own have a code. And I would come in and do everything I wanted to do. Sometimes someone might be holy even if he’s using our products, ●but the danger is that you cannot be protected.
When we come into your house and find you protected, we can go up to God, because satan can accuse the brethren before God, and we ask to get our product, whether an earring, hair extensions in fiber, nail polish or any other of our products in the house. When we came into your house in the spirit, we would then do everything we wanted to do. We take advantage of the fact that God is bound by His faithfulness and cannot steal. We would ask Him how He would close our product in the house and protect it with the wall of fire.
●This is where lies the danger of using satanic products. When we arrive,
●we also take away bit by bit your holiness.
●I went and uttered curses and incantations on products, we used to say that anyone who uses these products would be lascivious, and if you use these products, the curse befalls you.
For example if it was a jewel, we would say that the users become prostitutes or fornicators and that they become disobedient,
●(Prostitution in the spirit is not limited to the act of selling your body for money, it can also denote the behavior and the way a person dresses),
I worked a lot with these things. And there came a time where I got a promotion because I had worked a lot with these things and I had great success and they added another digit to my code, because I had passed the class of prayer and pronouncing curses on fiber hair extensions, jewelry, ●and similar things.
similar things:
(Products of Satan)
satan”It was so dark and fearful. I saw many demons doing different things and carrying out different activities. They were making phones, clothes, films, cartoons, weavons, attachments,

” Those are demons sent to Earth to attack and stop my children who are preaching about the Mark of the Beast and the Great Tribulation. “

『wools:Toys / decorations like (people, animals, sun, stars, flowers and trees, etc.)』,
(hair) relaxers and many things.

●『wools:Plush toys:
【Exo20:4】“You shall not make for yourselves an idol, nor any image of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth。

●So that wools are Toys / decorations like (people, animals, sun, stars, flowers and trees, etc.)

We know it is very important to obey the Ten Commandments!
“although it may be difficult for us to understand why God says that we cannot make or have these things that we often have in our lives.
But if we don’t have them, will life make a difference?

The Bible literally means to express God’s will bluntly.
●Although we don’t know why, but if we choose obedience when we don’t know why. Isn’t God’s blessing even greater? Isn’t more called God’s joy? Honor God more? “

Maybe you say, maybe God just tells us not to worship them, we don’t buy plush toys just to worship.
But the next verse mentions that there is no worship:
[out 20:5] do not bow down to the idols or serve them, for I, the Lord your God, am jealous. Whoever hates me, I will punish his father and his son until three or four generations.

Therefore, unmanufactured and unworshiped are two things that cannot be done!

May we (though we do not know why) still obey God’s word and honor God and his word!』

Thank and praise the Heavenly Father is the light. [about 1:5] Light shines on darkness, and darkness never beats light.
Heavenly Father, it seems difficult for us to accept that such products come from Satan, and our enemies will gain legal rights because they are in our home / on us, making us unholy bit by bit.
Heavenly Father, we choose to believe that your words of the Ten Commandments will not be right and wrong, so we choose to abandon all products and entertainment from Satan (TV / movies / mobile computer games … ) and ask the Holy Spirit to help us win!
Thank you and praise Heavenly Father’s smiling face to help us!
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen! 』
heavenly Father, many things that we are used to in this life are optional. For the sake of eternal life, we choose to give up (accustomed to, but from Satan’s products and entertainment).
Heavenly Father, there have been many prophecies that Jesus will come again soon, and in fact, Jesus should have come again, but it has been postponed because of the prayers of the saints, in order to give us more time to repent and prepare ourselves to see the Lord Jesus.
Please help us to give up the products and entertainment from Satan and wake up to abides in Jesus every day and wait for Jesus to come again!
Thank and praise the Heavenly Father: help us with a smile!
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Now (2020) is the end of the world, on the eve of catastrophe.
Wish us: choose to give up (take it for granted, but come from Satan’s products and entertainment)! And stay alert in Jesus! “

●I was promoted to take care of the church; when I was at that grade, I visited many well-known Pastors. When I went to every religious event, especially revival meetings, I wore three rings on my arm and two rings on my fingers. I would throw the three rings of my arm in the middle the church and the two rings of my fingers before the Pastor, one on the right side and another on the left side. If the Pastor was prayerful, the first ring would roll towards the church, but the second would come back to me and as I explained,
●I was praying on the rings when they were still being manufactured, I uttered curses on them, prompting lust. ⏩Pastor would then see a beautiful girl and if he ever had impure thoughts towards that girl he would lose his holiness, because we all know that the Holy Spirit does not dwell in an unclean place, it is in this way that we reversed the Pastors.

It also happened that a Pastor would be strong and resisted us, we and our rings,
in this case we used his wife.
●If his wife uses any of our products, ⏩the fiber would act on them at night as it is on any other user. [→] The Pastor’s wife would then change her doctrine↓,
if the jewel in the church was not allowed, she would then change it and say that there is nothing wrong with the jewelry [▲] and the Pastor would also agree with that because they are married and are one in the spirit.
▲I did a lot of spells on pastors and have reversed many of them. When I manage to win the Pastor, he changes.
A Pastor who once preached that Christians should forsake sin, now says that a girl can have a boyfriend and he will say that a young man can get a girlfriend. He will change and say that ancestor worship is permitted.

●Let me explain something, the dead are not demons, but they cannot do anything in this world as they await their day of judgment. We would go to their graves and put our spirits to make you believe that it is your parent that is acting, but it is actually us that are acting. We would do it especially when we saw that you have a gift that would be to our detriment. We would then make you see your parents tell you that you must be a marabout, a psychic or a sangoma. When you start with that, you are then introduced to snakes,
●a snake represents a satanist and satan himself.
●Five stars represent the devil worshipers.
When you think that your ancestors communicate with you, this is not true, it’s actually us that communicate with you. We went into the houses where we were attracted by the incense and we drank the blood they sacrificed us. We slept in their beds and we had fun.

When someone was about to die, I was sent to examine ●whether the person was holy. If he was not holy, I wrote his name in our book so that on the Day of Judgment he goes to burn in hell with us. We knew that we would burn in Hell, we were told this.

●Sometimes they demanded that we fast 40 days or 60 days, if a pastor was to preach somewhere. Because there was nothing we could see on earth. In the event that you make less than forty days, you were punished for it because we had to get at that place powerful.
So I would arrive first at that place to make incantations so that those who come there do not listen and do not repent, and that the chief of this place is not burned by the prayers. I would also go into space to protect him so that the prayers do not burn him.
Because ●if he was burned, you would see a drunkard saved and proclaim that Jesus is Lord, a prostitute saved and proclaim that Jesus is Lord.
So if you see such things happening, know that the ●Pastor who is preaching has prayed and that the chief was hit by fire, and the demon has moved a little, because the role of this demon, who is also a chief, is to sit on the residents of that place and surround them with evil spirits so they are not saved and that those who drink, drink until they die; that those who go to prison die there, those who worship idols and do the worship of ancestors continue to do so until they die, those who are prostitutes continue their prostitution until they die.

I was not working in the South Coast, because I come from there. I worked in places such as Durban and elsewhere. When I was in space, they did not call me by my name, they called me by my code. They called me by my code to tell me for example that I must hurry and go to Swaziland or Durban. ●As the company there had finished making earrings, I had to go and make incantations over them before they are sent in the shops. It was my duty to make incantations on them.

Another year, I was sent to Ntuzuma. There was a pastor there; I will not mention his name.
●I was sent to remove his holiness. This pastor was a true man of God, saved and his testimony was impressive.
●When I removed his holiness, I got a promotion. I became a graded, and therefore,
●I was responsible for setting ●traps in the Church. There is not one thing that I didn’t do at that time.

In space we use the Bible, we were not working with things that are not written in the Bible.
●As the Bible says that a woman should cover her head in the church, we changed that and influenced women not to cover their heads. And when women do not cover their heads, we would accuse them before God and ask Him how He could regard them as His children when they do not cover their heads in church.
●We changed what was written in the Bible for example the fact that a woman should not wear a man’s cloth.
That’s why we ●uttered curses on pants/trousers that women wear.
●We made incantations on them and influenced women to wear them more often so that they do not see the Lord because of their disobedience.

I worked a lot when I was graded.
I wasn’t dealing with the affairs of the Church anymore, I went there just to make worshipers of Satan and continue my journey.
●These worshipers of Satan did not know they were worshipers of Satan because we would not separate them from their bodies as I used to separate from my body.

●But we would use them if they had any of our products I listed.
→Then they began to gossip, to slander, to always complain and say that pastors are running after money or something like that. People even stopped going to church because of these worshipers of Satan. Then I would let them do their job and would go to other churches to get the reports and come back later to see the damage they have caused in the church.

●This person we turned into a satan worshiper begins to change his doctrine by saying:
▲that there is no problem when women wear pants/trousers, that faith is in the heart and not in the pants/trousers.
▲At this stage, they worked for us unconsciously because they represented us. For the truth is clear, the woman should not wear pants/trousers.
『【Deu22:5】A woman shall not wear men’s clothing, neither shall a man put on women’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to Yahweh your God.』

So when they start saying that
▲it is permissible for a woman to wear pants/trousers,
▲and that people with earrings may come and worship in a holy place, and can even do things in the church, and that they gradually learn to part with these things,
▲when a Pastor says that people who have boyfriends and girlfriends can come and lead worship or pray for people,
then ●that pastor is ours, he is working for us.
Let me tell you that ●when they say that they will stop sinning, we will come and exert an influence on them to never give up sin, and that they continue to sin. We tried to minimise the magnitude of sin.
If for example a sister has a boyfriend, I would then push her boyfriend to tell her that he wants to marry her.
●Not because he’s about to do it, but only because we wanted to make sure that the sister continues to sin and minimises the magnitude of this sin [→]until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I was in space, we had a big TV screen; we could see all that was happening on earth.
●We were counting down and knew that Jesus could return at any time.

▲And all we were sent to do; we did it such as HIV. The doctors cannot cure this disease because they are human, but I am now a witness to the fact that HIV was created in space so that the youth die young and do not reach the salvation of the Lord Jesus. Satan wants to have the maximum of people who will burn in hell with him; he continues his conquest of souls, which cost him his expulsion from Paradise.
▲So we created HIV and we then spread it on the earth. But we cannot remedy this situation, let it be cancer or TB, doctors will never find a cure because Jesus is the only one who can overcome and heal something that has been woven in the world of darkness. A human cannot cure.

●Jesus Christ of Nazareth can cure this disease. We can pray for someone, and if he believes he can be cured. The disease bows because in the name of Jesus, everything bows, we ourselves bowed when someone mentioned the name of Jesus, so the disease itself bows.

『Around December 2020, seeing the news report that COVID-19 vaccine was sent into space, my personal thought: space environment vaccine, may have Satan’s participation or host, may be related to the mark of the beast (human chip + vaccine[COVID-19 vaccine, and other new vaccines])』

When I graduated, I was also sent to cause plane crashes, planes that were going towards Australia, Europe or elsewhere. When there’s a plane crash, it’s not the fault of the pilot, we were the origin of all the airplane crashes that I know; we were on a mission and we could not do anything against that. We were slaves, we worked even when we did not want and we were told that we would rest only after Jesus has come. So in the meantime, we have to kill so that satan and the chiefs get the blood and new recruits who had not yet started working.

●●We also worked with government leaders, Presidents; I will not mention the name of the president that we caught. He is not a worshiper of Satan, ●but we worked on him every day. He set up our laws, legalised prostitution, abortion, and he even said that children should not be punished.
●It was our plan that he accepted unconsciously ,
●because we could see that Jesus is about to return.
We used to make incantations over them every day so that the nation be damned.

We worked a lot in South Africa, as evidenced by abortions and other abominations, so that people are more interested in democracy,
●but do not know that Jesus is at the door ready to return. Jesus must win more souls to Himself; time is almost at its end.

An aborted child was raised by us in space except for children who already had no chance to live, and those derived from miscarriages.
●We raise them and use them to destroy marriages, couples will fight for things of nothing, and divorces, separations and others will follow. These aborted children deal with these cases.
●Victims will sometimes see a snake in their yard or their house, it is actually this baby. They will also cause fights in the family, they can create rivalries among the brothers to the point where death follows.

In the last plane crash that I caused that was heading to Europe, there was a child of God who lived a life of holiness. Therefore, the blood that flowed was damaged because ●the blood of a Christian damages the blood we need, and if we drink this blood, we will become weak and unable to operate. It was the last time I caused a plane crash. I caused several crashes in the past and I have done all these things for satan there. And after, I was collecting the reports, and performed difficult missions, in my own grade. I was also responsible for making the toughest Pastors fall.

Let me get back on products,
Lacoste is not one of our products, ●but when you wear one, you are representing a Satanist, because the crocodile is one of the animals we work with. When I wanted to do something, I transformed myself into a lizard.

●Five stars represent us as worshipers of Satan. Like the youth of the church is recognised as the stars of heaven and the light of the world, we also, were represented by stars. So if you wear something with a star, Satan will go to heaven to report this and say that this person is walking around on earth and represents me, and that the person loves him more than he loves God.

●All the stars, Lacoste and anything that has two feet, whether a T-shirt or trousers, are things that dishonor Jesus who is coming back soon.
❗️So if you have it on you, you are saying that Jesus is weak.
I no longer need to explain that
a ●dragon represents Satan. If you wear something with a dragon on it, you represent Satan and Satan will go before God, before him laugh and say he is more powerful than him because people walk all over the earth representing him.

●Regarding the case of codes, barcodes represent satanists.
As you can see, everything you buy has a barcode. We uttered curses on foods, ▲this is why Christians must get used to fasting.
All barcodes have 3, 6 and 9 which represent the world of darkness. If they do not have 3, they will have 6, if they do not have 6, they will have 9. All these figures are satanic figures. Before foods are placed on the shelves of stores, we uttered incantations over them.

●If you’re Christian and you are using traditional medicine(as: acupuncture, cupping, witch doctor), potions and things prepared by the sorcerers, then you are not holy. We would accuse you before God and say that you worship creatures instead of worshiping the Creator. God said that we have the power over plants and trees. These things should not be our hope,
●Jesus must be our only hope, and if you put your trust in this potion and not in Jesus, you are sinning. These potions have evil spirits which are conferred either by us or by sorcerers. We immediately write your name in our book, because you belong to us.

●❗️Beloved, if you’re not born again and saved, you will burn in hell, I guarantee you. When I was a new recruit, I did not know we were going to burn in hell, but later I found out. We are living the last days and those days are even bonuses because of the grace of God. We worked hard. The only thing that was left was the introduction of the number 666 which will happen in the coming days. Because there were many satan worshipers in the churches and because many of our secrets were revealed, we changed our strategy.

There will be rather more numbers to be treated as secret numbers that the []government will implement.
●❗️If you have this number on the back of the hand or on your forehead, you will not go to heaven, you will be as a worshiper of satan and your blood will be full of satanic codes.

This recording was in progress when I left. It can happen at any time, just as the Church can be removed at any time even as we speak. But we all do not know when; the Lord kept this as a secret to everyone.

When we made the awaken pastors to fall, ●we transformed them into our agents without them realising it. They became worshipers of Satan, but they did not separate from their bodies. We put our spirits in them.

When people came to give their offerings, in spirit, we would make incantations over the offerings. The curse was not acting on believers but on the church.
『Note: “Therefore, we should be alert and pray for the church, and ask Jesus to purify the church with his precious blood.”』
●There is an offering called tithing, it is really important for the Christian. This is the tenth of your income.
●We used to stop people from giving their tithes.
●We reminded them of things they still have to buy or pay.
Then we would accuse them before God, saying to God that this person has stolen his money, we said to God that the needs of this believer are more important than Him. Satan called him a thief because he had stolen God’s money and had not paid in full.
●I advise you that no matter what you owe to God, you must pay, it is only a tenth of your income.
●Tithes protect you against accidents and help you stay holy.
It is really important that you pay your tithes first before meeting your needs.
●You cannot skip a month and say that you will pay double next month. The month that you skipped represents a curse and will never change into a blessing even if you pay double next month.
●● If you recall, God sacrificed his only Son, that was not easy, but He did it so that we escape hell. You also have to give to His work.

When someone was about to die, we would visit him. There are people who think they will confess their sins and repent when they are sick and about to die. We entered in him and made him dumb so that he is not able to confess his sins. You cannot confess your sins in your heart; you need your mouth to do it, just as you would to become a child of God. You must confess the Lordship of Jesus with your mouth.

In some witnesses we know :
When someone was dying and could not speak, the Christian said to him, are you willing to believe in Jesus? If you want to believe in Jesus, move your finger, he will move his finger.
Then the Christian said to him, ” I will pray for choose to believe in Jesus, on your behalf. When I finish my prayer, when I say Amen, you move your finger to show Amen.”

This is effective because:
Jesus said:
【Mak16:16】He who believes and is baptized ●will be saved; but he who disbelieves will be condemned.
【Luk23:39】One of the criminals who was hanged insulted him, saying, “If you are the Christ, save yourself and us!”
【Luk23:40】But the other answered, and rebuking him said, “Don’t you even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation?
【Luk23:42】He said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
【Luk23:43】Jesus said to him, “Assuredly I tell you, ●today you will be with me in Paradise.” 』

●When a person dies with unconfessed sins, we wrote his name in our book, and he will burn with us. It’s the people who died with their sins that we used to appear to their relatives. We used their bones in their graves to disguise ourselves and appear as if the dead relative told them to do all sorts of things, and the victim would do these things thinking that he is honoring the dead relative, but it is in fact us that he honors. We even put money in the garden and would appear to you as your dead parent and would tell you that there is money in the garden, so that people believe that the dead parent is helping them. This is the way we made people believe in the worship of ancestors.

●If you were a believer we would also visit you;
●there are believers who fall in their last minute on earth; we made them fall. At the last minute they wanted an animal to be sacrificed in honor of their ancestors. We would write immediately the name of that person in our book because he died defiled by the worship of ancestors. We watched each person before he died and others fell.
●If you die in holiness, we could not use your bones to trick your parents who are alive. Those are the ones who will be resurrected when Christ returns.

As time passed, there was an anointed Pastor named Chiliza of Mandawe. I started to follow him before I was even graded. When I was graded I was assigned to look after him because he was a tenacious adversary. He prays for people with HIV and they receive healing, and he could also pray for a person in a wheelchair and this person would walk again. We started telling people that he is a satanist and uses witchcraft to do these miracles and people believed us. I was going to get a Nissan Navarra if I managed to bring down this man of God. If he fell, he would not stop preaching, ●we would never discourage a fallen pastor to preach, but he would be used by our spirits to promote compromise and so on. All new Christians in this church would be in a trap, because he would begin to preach half-truths and everything we inspire him to preach.

When I came in every church, I sat at the back and watched what was happening. I studied his life, because when I wanted to bring down a Pastor, I studied his life first. I looked for his weaknesses at work or at home. Once he held a revival meeting in Sea View, I was still studying him. He had gone around evangelising and I followed. In 2008, he had a revival meeting at Fuscadale. This is where I studied him well and there was a wall of fire around him. If you are a child of God born again and fast regularly, you are always protected by a wall of fire around you. I went behind him and went home.
Pastor Chiliza had organised a revival meeting at Khushwini and I was forced to put on my false body, because the meeting was near my house. My code was in my blood. I went with my friend Slindile. She is not a devil worshiper and she didn’t know I was a devil worshiper. She was infested with the spirits of witchcraft and we were good friends. I was a hairdresser and we had long hair extensions. I used to braid my hair and she had the same hairstyle. Take my warning seriously when I tell you that the hair extension fiber is dangerous.
When we arrived, we came before the man of God. We drove with other brothers who did not know I was a devil worshiper, my friend did not know either. She was too insolent and disobedient at home, it was because she was my friend and I had a bad influence on her. We sat at the back and the man of God came in with his wife. When he entered, he said that there is an evil spirit in the room, he is also a prophet. My friend jumped and fell and wanted to run away.
I loved my friend and we were arrogant, people who were in the car in which we came; could testify how we were insolent. I took my friend to the altar to be prayed for because I did not want anyone to touch her because we were too proud. I was convinced of one thing that I was a graded and could never be caught because I had a very high grade and could even protect the chief who is a satanist; of fire that came from prayers and my code was in me.
On this particular day, Pastor Chiliza asked who accompanied the lady who fell; this was before he began to preach. I answered and told him it was me. He continued to preach and he repeated his question and I could not open my mouth, the Holy Spirit in him had mastered me. I could not even lift my foot. He asked again and I could not answer. He then turned and said to the church “look at that.” He yelled FIRE, Jesus is a consuming fire, when he said this in the spirit I could see the fire coming out of his eyes, his mouth and hands. I fell and the demons took me out of my body and I immediately went into space and the demon that took care of my body stayed there.
When a demon is tormented because of fire, it responds to any question. Most pastors do not realise that if you do not burn the code of someone’s body, he remains a devil worshiper even after deliverance. Fortunately he knew and asked the code to the demon and he burned it with the fire of God. As soon as the code was burned, the demons in space had no choice but to let me go. The demon that was in me returned to space. If they did not burn the code in my hand, the demons would be able to call me back because I was not called by my name; I was called by my code. The last figure that I received with my promotion came out with blood. After they prayed for me, I regained my senses, I decided to be saved and I will testify in the whole world. I trust in God because I have seen His power. I know that He is more powerful than satan.
Before I forget, after the rapture, it will not be the end of the world. There will be a church where everyone will be forced to go. I will not say the name of this church and it is already active at the moment that we’re speaking. People who won’t be taken to heaven with Jesus will be forced to go to this church to worship the Anti-Christ, this church exists today. When someone wants to go to heaven then, he will be horribly murdered to get to heaven and his family will be raped in front of him and the police will be merciless. What I can tell everyone is that he should save himself while there is still time. There will come a time when people will have to be killed to get to heaven. So I advise people to save themselves now before this dreadful time comes. Accept Jesus as His grace is still available.
I am a child of God born again, forgiven of all my sins. I will continue to testify and anyone who wants me to testify in his church is welcome. Some will not believe that I am delivered and others are still afraid of me, thinking that I will suck their blood. My Jesus is faithful though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear nothing. God bless you all and know that Jesus is coming very soon to take His church. God is faithful, do not give up. Beware of false prophets. Abide in the love of Jesus. I love you very much. I would like to thank those who interceded for me and those who never doubted me, but welcomed me and helped me and prayed with me. I would also like to thank the man of God, Pastor Chiliza. God bless you.


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