The whole world must know the truth about Harry Potter! Take your children and stay away from demonic magic and witchcraft.

The whole world must know the truth about Harry Potter! Take your children and stay away from demonic magic and witchcraft.

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Harry Potter accused of advocating witchcraft and magic banned in Australian ecclesiastical schools, July 3-A Christian church school in Australia banned the best-selling book Harry Potter, saying it advocated evil witchcraft and magic.
Rowling Rowling’s five best-selling Harry Potter novels are unpopular in the library of Melbourne-based Maranasha Christian School, the headmaster of Maranasha Christian School in Melbourne said Tuesday, Reuters reported.
“We can accept Macbeth and Hamlet, because although these two works also describe evil witchcraft, they do not glorify them,” Longlek said. On the other hand, Harry Potter strives to be the best wizard and is applauded by the author. ”
He added: “and we Muggle (muggles) have unfortunately been vilified.” In Harry Potter, “Muggle” refers to ordinary people who do not know magic.
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, the fifth episode of Harry Potter, has become a bestseller all over the world since its launch last month.
Longlake said the school left it up to parents to decide whether to expose their children to Harry Potter and the wizarding world in which the book is incompatible with Christianity.
“if they want their children to read Harry Potter, then let them go,” he said. But I think parents should be given a chance to say: no, I don’t want my children to watch Harry Potter. ”

Take your children away from demonic magic and witchcraft.
I wrote this urgent message because I used to be a wizard. I am also an astrologer and fortune teller who can cast spells. I used to live in a dark and mysterious kingdom. Through spells and magic, I am able to evoke the power of “controlling the unknown”, so I am able to fly in the night wind beyond the astral plane. Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I was plotted and absorbed by the Wiccan witchcraft kingdom. This happened in the 1960s when witchcraft was beginning to flourish.
During the decade of the 1960s, after 1966, a woman named J.K.Rowling was born. This is called “Harry” by four books in the year 2000. The Potter series of books to captivate the women of the world. These books are guided and instructive witchcraft manuals and are designed for entertainment. These four books are used by J.K.Rowling (Rowling) to teach witchcraft! I know these things because I once went deep into the world.

Witchcraft in the 1960s was very different. There were few witches at that time, and their skills were very secret. At the end of that decade of spiritual chaos, I was miraculously saved by the power of Jesus Christ and his blood. I was also freed from the bondage of all the evil spirits that dwelt in me and was free. However, when I began to attend the orthodox Christian church, I found that there were even signs of witchcraft left behind. These pagan festivals are celebrated as “Christian festivals”.

As time flies, I watch the so-called “Christian church” compromise and unite. I watched with amazement that the teachings of Eastern religions and the “New Age” began to fascinate the synagogue. This is the establishment of evil spirits. The schemers of the Illuminati (the relationship between the Illuminati and the American Freemasons) are bringing a single world religion, cleverly hiding mysticism in its teachings!

In order to successfully bring witchcraft to the world to achieve demon control, this generation must be persuaded and taught to think, talk, dress and behave like witches.

It’s 2001 AD. All the foundations of mysticism and witchcraft have been laid. Illuminators must act quickly because time is running out.

Lenin (Lenin), a communist revolutionary, said: “give me a generation of young people, I will change the whole world.” Now the entire younger generation is being hailed by a woman named J.K. Rowling (Rowling) and her four books and movies about witchcraft: Harry. Confused by the Porter series.

As a former wizard, I can say with authority: I have examined J.K. Rowling’s work and Harry. Potter’s books. These are training manuals for witchcraft and occult arts. With the content of these books and the vivid interpretation of Hollywood film technology, millions of unwitting young people are taught how to speak, think and dress in order to make us and act like witches. The children were attacked by Harry. Porter’s books and movie series are so fascinated that they are even willing to give up TV and electric power to read these books.
The first book in the series is entitled Harry. Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry. Porter was taken to the “witchcraft school in Hogwarts”. At this occult school, Harry. Porter learned how to acquire and use witchcraft. Harry also learned some new words, such as “(Azkaban)”, “(Circe)”, “(Draco)”, “(Erised)”, “(Hermes)” and “(Slytherin)”; these are all the real names of demons and spirits I know. These are not characters in the novel!

How serious is this? By reading books and watching their movie series, millions of young people learn how to associate with evil spirits. They began to know them by name. Many children who claim to be Christians also begin to fill their minds with this, while parents who are willing to be ignorant look at it from a different point of view. no, no, no. Hand over their children to the evil spirits of sorcery and witchcraft, so that they are controlled and taught to be a capable wizard. no, no, no.

The titles of these books should be enough to let us know how evil and antichrist they are. The title of the first book mentioned earlier, “the mysterious Sorcerer’s Stone”, is a true revelation. The second book is called “the lost Chamber of Secrets”, while the third book is entitled “prisoners of Azkaban”.
Sadly, this blatant witchcraft has been supported by well-known and respected “Christian” leaders, such as James Dobson (James, who proves himself to be a modern “Jewish betrayer”. Dr. Dobson) and (Chuck. Coulson). Harry。 Porter’s books are pure witchcraft and things from ghosts and demons. Christian leaders defend them by saying that good witchcraft is always better than bad witchcraft.
This is the oldest fraud game hatched from hell. As a former real wizard, I know the meaning of “power” in two aspects. Obviously, many “Christian leaders” also know that. When real witches with sabats and esbats combine into coven, they salute each other and say “blessed (Blessed be)”, and when they separate, they say “Power is with you (The Force be with you)”. The “power” of these two aspects belongs to Satan, not from God. It should not be said that the power of the good outweighs the power of the bad, but that the precious blood of Jesus Christ will destroy the hypothetical “power” of demons on both sides.
The senior witch prophesied that there were seven evil princes, and the seventh unnamed prince was assigned to Christians. At the meeting of the witch party, he was called “John Doe”. In Harry. In Porter’s book, there is a character called “Voldemort” (Voldemort). The pronunciation guide means: “it must not be named.” no, no, no. It also means that
Voldemort “(Voldemort) is one of the seven evil spirits that Satan wants to confuse the world, and is” assigned to Christians “~ ~ as the parents of Christians, you have to be vigilant!

At midnight on July 8, millions of children crowded into bookstores everywhere-to get the fourth book in the series, called Harry. Porter and the Goblet of Fire. These books, including their films, are brought into their homes everywhere, and each book and film is followed by an evil spirit to bring the curse of witchcraft and sorcery into those homes.

July 8th is also the 18th day of witches’ sabat in midsummer (3 6s in divination). July 8th is also the 13th day since the chartered United religion (United Religions Charter) was signed in San Francisco. Now we know that public schools are planning to use Harry in the classroom. Porter’s witchcraft turned public schools into witchcraft training centers.

What would God say about books, Harry? The Potter books? In the book of acts in the Bible, we read the following words in acts 19: 18: 20: “many people who have believed come to confess what they have done.” And many who used to practice witchcraft brought books and piled them up and burned them in front of the people. When they calculated the price of the book, they knew that it amounted to fifty thousand yuan. This is how the word of the Lord prospered and prevailed.

As parents, if we allow our children to read witchcraft books and watch witchcraft movies, you will also mean handing over your children to Satan and letting Satan “brainwash” your children through the teaching of such movie books. bring witchcraft, witchcraft, occult, into your child’s [inside] ~ even let evil spirits go in and out freely in your child’s life! At that time, will it be a little too late for you to realize that your child’s thought, behavior, and character have been tightly controlled by the enemy?

God cannot be despised, and we will have to give him an account. Only when the things that belong to Satan are destroyed will the word of God strongly prevail in your life.

This pamphlet has been prayed and I hope it will help you.
Remember what you saw today! God has already told you his mind through the network media! The attack launched by the enemy in the end will become more intense! Even directly to the “evil deterioration” things to “beautify” it is difficult to tell the true from the false! Bring these pagan ideas into people, even Christians and Christian children. Parents, you and I need to be careful!

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