⭕️The mark of the beast, vaccines, great catastrophe, great confusion, great persecution, prepare for Jesus comes again!

Don’t accept the mark of the beast(Human body chip) and vaccines「COVID19 vaccine and other new vaccines」

[alert] the “great reorganization” of evil forces 【警醒】邪恶势力的”大重组”

TV, movies, computer / mobile games are bringing people into the spirit world – the kingdom of demons『电视、电影、电脑/手机游戏,正把人们带进灵界-恶魔的国度』

Did you inadvertently entertain ghosts? Love the Holy Spirit, protect the children, make home a sanctuary

Former Satanist “I’m shocked by Christians celebrating Halloween”

The Antichrist & false prophet

Pope’s global education contract and the suffering of the mark of the beast! 教皇全球教育契约与兽印的患难

Heaven & hell

Christians who went to hell after death。结束在地狱里的基督徒(中)


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