Former Satanist “I’m shocked by Christians celebrating Halloween”

Former Satanist “I’m shocked by Christians celebrating Halloween”

原创 天国近了要悔改信福音 天堂地狱你

作者:John Ramirez

Anton LaVey,
The founder of the Satanic Church, said, “I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night of the year.” Welcome to Halloween.

We are soon in a hurry to worship the devil in so many ways. We don’t see harm on Halloween because we think it’s interesting. We paint our faces, we wear our innocent clothes, we decorate our porches-even churches decorate their entrances with pumpkins for Halloween. These actions are like giving the devil a license to say, “this is my church, and I can have it.”

We thought we were safe if we didn’t perform any demonic rituals or sacrifices. But do you know that as long as you decorate, whether you color yourself or put on a piece of clothing, the enemy will own you?

For by doing so, you have transferred your legal rights, and you have given yourselves and your children to celebrate the festival of the devil. You have just signed an agreement with the enemy, and you have sacrificed your children spiritually and changed their identity by dressing them up.

Lose our identity.
My mind went back to October 31, 1987, when I had the most immoral wedding on the planet. My fiancee and I decided to get married on Halloween, and in a demonic ceremony that lasted all night, the wedding bells rang all the way to the gates of hell.

As devil worshipers, Halloween is the most special for us, and we look forward to celebrating it because we know the meaning and dark power behind that night. In the world of witchcraft, this is a very different night from other nights.

As I said to believers today, “how important are good Fridays and Resurrection Sundays to you?” Halloween is so heavy and important for those who live in the dark camp.

I remember that on Halloween, we devil worshipers had instructions from the demon world about what had to be done, and we knew it was going to be a long night. I will sleep all day during the day to recover and be ready for midnight so that I can release hell into the world until the wee hours of the morning.

Some churches have removed the word “Halloween” and called it “harvest”, with members dressed in costumes, distributing candies and biting apples. It makes my heart sad. You won’t miss anything to stay away from this “holiday”, so let’s get this idea out of our minds.

If they try to use certain secular festivals to win souls for evangelical purposes, this is what I will use as a ministry: I will use it as a biblical movie night, provide popcorn and soft drinks for children and adults, and invite unsaved friends and family.

My intention for this event is to expose the origins and dangers of Halloween, then turn it into a great movie night, and then give a little lesson from God’s word about his love and the work done on the cross. Finally, I will have an altar call to make it a special night for everyone to remember.

The only harvest we should celebrate is the harvest of the soul.

For many people who celebrate Halloween, the celebration lasts until November 1, also known as the Day of death, or a holiday for all saints, but there is no holiness there-it is demonic.

I am surprised how the world embraces this holiday, because the festival of all saints is a deceptive title. We have a picture in our mind, it seems to be holy, but nothing is innocent about it. The festival spreads throughout South America, Central America and all parts of the world, even in the United States. For Spanish culture, it is called the Day of the Dead. They celebrate the dead through ceremonies, ceremonies and even graveyard visits. There is no holiness about this festival, and it has nothing to do with the saints.

As a ministry of good news for Jesus, how can we fight against this darkness?

In the Bible, when the Lord calls believers “saints,” this term means that we have been sanctified through the blood of Jesus Christ and the work done by the cross. We are distinguished by good deeds to glorify God.

As a ministry, I will use all the saints’ festivals to turn the devil’s table to celebrate my salvation and the salvation of my family and loved ones. I will use it as an opportunity to preach the gospel in my church to bring in unsaved people to hear about God’s goodness and how he can transform their lives. That night, I will beat the devil in the name of the Lord Jesus, because many souls will be saved.
前撒旦崇拜者 “我对基督徒庆



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