Did you inadvertently entertain ghosts? Love the Holy Spirit, protect the children, make home a sanctuary

《Did you inadvertently entertain ghosts? Love the Holy Spirit, protect the children, make home a sanctuary》

Nameless Seven Spirits of strong light

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Joni:As we all know, media, art and entertainment industries have a significant impact on people’s lives. When families open up to the entertainment industry (movies, TV dramas, cartoons, music, 『Computer / mobile games』, etc.), who are we inviting? How did you invite them?

Zach: First of all, we need to understand some spiritual principles, the “rules of the game” of evil spirits, which are consistent with God in some aspects. If I invite God, God will appear; if you invite an evil spirit into your house, that evil spirit will be invited.

Joni:for example:(Ouija board)

Zach:yes. If you play with the dark spirits, you’re in the same box(field). Those things are not supposed to be in your home.

But our society has developed a “culture” in which darkness (evil) is hidden behind beautiful or (attractive) things, such as the Dracula film series – why does he wear a tuxedo? Why speak in an exotic tone? He shows up at your door with a rose in his hand and looks charming? Vampires don’t come to your home unless invited. If vampires show up as they are, you can’t welcome them or allow them to play with your children. So some old movies make vampires attractive.

Joni:When it comes to vampires, it’s hard to avoid thinking about twilight. The movie (which makes vampires very attractive) has made a huge sensation. Of course, we don’t usually look at But we have to open our eyes and guard against this kind of invasion.

Zach: Let’s face it, what is the entertained spirit? Is it the spirit of Christ, or a dark thing covered up by romance? That’s what it’s doing.

John Paul Jackson:When it comes to vampires, the ultimate goal is to drink blood. The Bible says, “do not drink blood” (acts 15:20), for there is life in the blood (Leviticus 17:11). So what the enemy did was to package this evil.

(【1Co10:16】The cup of blessing which we bless, isn’t it a sharing of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, isn’t it a sharing of the body of Christ?
【1Co10:21】You can’t both drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You can’t both partake of the table of the Lord, and of the table of demons.)

Therefore, we must be very careful not to create an atmosphere of welcoming evil spirits because of these films, lest they come near and surround us.

Merdock:The Bible tells us to guard our “eyes” (eyes are an entrance) – what we see with our eyes affects our soul『and spirit』.

Joni:So, what should be allowed into our homes and what can’t be – and in this regard, how can we be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit?

Zach:In other words, why would something I didn’t invite deliberately come into my home?

First of all, how to invite (entertain) the Holy Spirit? How to invite the Holy Spirit into your home? The Bible tells us【Col3:16】Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the Lord.
So the Bible tells us that there are ways to make the Spirit of God comfortable in our home. This is what I want – the Spirit of the father feels comfortable in my home.

Well, on the other hand, if you are not praising and enjoying the Holy Spirit, but another spirit (for example, sitting in front of the screen and enjoying the movie from some evil spirits), if you are enjoying the spirit of darkness, the spirit of lust, the spirit of anger, the spirit of violence, or the spirit of greed and gluttony, those evil spirits will be “at home” in your home.

It’s the same as if you’re worshipping and praising the Spirit of living God.

Joni: Your journey actually begins by exploring the causes of a family affair

Zach: Yes, it starts with curiosity. One night, after watching a movie, I couldn’t get my baby to sleep. Exhausted, I began to explore the cause. So I turned to God and asked, “how can I make this child quiet?” God said, “you just invited a ghost into your home.” It’s through a movie I just saw. So I began to study: why can a movie serve as a gateway for a spirit to enter the home?

So I studied Greek and Roman mythology. It turns out that around 1500 B.C., around the same time as Moses received the Ten Commandments in Mount Sinai, there was a Greek god named Dionysus (as shown in the picture), which was the Glgod of wine, homosexuality, breeding and art in Greek and Roman mythology. as one can imagine,

People worship Dionysus in all sorts of bad manners, including secret ghost worship ceremonies. But one of the main ways they worship and praise him is through poetry and tragedy, and our entire entertainment industry was born from that ancient source. The word “tragedy” comes from the combination of tragos and Oide, which means the song of the goat. It is a sacrificial song sung at the sacrifice to Dionysus.

The formation and development of Greek culture and Roman culture developed around the command of the “gods” (ghosts, idols). They would say, “I want you to worship me in the following ways…” The temple was not the only place. The Romans were ordered to go to the Colosseum to kill people. Why did they kill in the Colosseum? Why burn babies around the pillars of the Colosseum? Why slaughter virgins in the Colosseum and offer them to idols? Is that the idea of man or the idea of the gods?

Joni:Yes, I’m sorry to think of what happened there. It’s hard to imagine humans doing that.

Zach:pretty good. When you read the works of Greek tragedies: Euripides, Aeschylus, and Sophocles, they are all written to honor their idol Dionysus – that’s him. Therefore, their entertainment industry is closely integrated with their ghost worship culture and developed together; they both corrupt the moral values in the culture.

Therefore, entertainment and ghost worship are always closely linked. Media, always a gateway to the spiritual world, can be used for good or evil. For example, some music honors the immortal God, some music honors another spirit; some TV programs honor God, and some TV programs honor evil spirits. So we have to pay attention to: what is there in my home? What are you inviting and entertaining? Which spirit is more comfortable in my living room and my heart?

Joni:What happened to your little boy

Zach:I repented. Because he’s just a baby. He never felt anything dark until I played a dark movie in front of him. My heart, as an adult, is hard and has a cocoon formed for many years, so I didn’t realize it. But his little pure heart, which has been in his mother’s womb for nine months, has been covered by the Holy Spirit, and I put him in front of the spirit of death.

Merdock:Yes, and sometimes when we watch some programs, we may not be afraid, but children may get the spirit of fear…

Zach:He was terrified because he had never experienced that before. So I walked around the house, constantly praising God, repenting and worshiping and praising the Lord. When I went back to the house and went into the children’s room, he had stopped making trouble. So I realized that what was wrong was that I brought a vampire home.

Joni:The Bible says that God lives in the praise of his people. Do ghosts and Demons work in a similar way?

Zach:Oh, yes. For example, there is a “goddess” (as shown in the picture) called Venus, Aphrodite, or Asherah (see judges 3:7 1 Kings, 15, 16, 18, 13, 17, 21, 23, 2 Chr. 15, 24, 33).

She is the “god” of reproduction, which is related to sex, and is also the “god” of lust, causing various spiritual distortions and metamorphosis. If you look at the Canaanite myth, their Queen of the sky is the same. In today’s culture, we all know that there is sexual distortion and metamorphosis.

We know that pornography is a big problem today. For example, one person is watching pornographic movies on the Internet, and another is reading a romantic novel at home The original meaning of the word pornography is: written by a prostitute. So what many women don’t understand is that when they read romantic novels, they are entertaining the spirit of erotic . Therefore, in essence, they are entertained by the character of the spirit (they are enjoying the characteristics of the spirit), and they are enjoying the characteristics of a lustful ghost.

Notice that when you read this kind of work, no one will think, “I’m going to start worshiping that evil spirit of Venus.” Most likely, people are thinking: I want to sit down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. But the truth is, when you do this, there’s a spirit in your room. The spirit doesn’t care what your motives are, it doesn’t care what you think. What it cares about is that you’re being entertained by her personality traits: you’re enjoying her qualities, and her qualities are: Erotic, lascivious. She sees your “enjoyment” of these characteristics as a worship of her.

We can see from the Bible that God’s Enemy (the devil) longed to be worshipped from the beginning. Demons and evil spirits don’t care whether you worship them intentionally. When you value their “character” (lust, violence, promiscuity, anger, etc.), they regard them as worship.

Merdock:What we probably don’t know is that entertainment means: hospitality, accommodation, hosting, hospitality. Although we may never have thought of opening the door to those evil spirits or demons: welcome to my house

Zach:Yes, yes, for example: “come on, just 20 minutes, because I need to cook dinner, so, how about you (referring to the TV) to take care of the children for me?” That’s what we do. We have children sitting in front of TV (or Internet), which is equivalent to saying to TV (and those evil spirits): why don’t you teach my children.

【Pro22:6】Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
An American survey shows that the average child, by the age of 18, has seen 20000 pornographic pictures.
So, who is educating your children? Venus, the spirit of lust.

Joni:Rebecca (Joni’s daughter),
You are a very visual and creative child. Remember when I turned off the TV for the first time and didn’t allow you to watch some programs

Rebecca:Yes, when this kind of thing first appeared in my life, I could hardly detect what was wrong. I remember one time I was in my car. I loved music. I listened to all kinds of music. The Holy Spirit reminded me of what I was listening to. At that time, I was enjoying the music in my car by myself. Suddenly, I realized (wrong) and quickly turned it off. From then on, the Lord told me: these entertainment and music are not as simple as they seem.

⭕️These things, if you continue to receive them, begin to change you. The film and music elements that you continue to enjoy constantly make you more like God if they belong to God; if they come from ghosts, they make you more like ghosts.

Joni:We’re not saying that you can’t watch movies or TV dramas or listen to music. We’re saying that you must be careful, alert, and aware of what spirit you’re allowing into your heart and home. Ask the Holy Spirit. He is the greatest teacher. He can give you a feeling or an impression of what you are doing.

Zach:In fact, it’s very simple, God said【Deu30:19】I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your descendants;
Therefore, we should constantly turn to God and ask: what will bless the relationship between you and me?

Our choice of media will also have an impact on this. For the spirit we absorb will be revealed through our lives and lives. If you constantly “eat” anger, lust, greed, and so on, those things will keep dropping out of you, and infiltrate into all kinds of relationships and affect the people around you.

John Paul Jackson:Everything Satan did was merely imitating God’s plan: God should be worshipped, and Satan wanted to overthrow him and be worshipped himself. Therefore, everything in the world of ghosts and Demons operates in accordance with the principle of worship. For example, in the Greek mythology just mentioned, Dionysus is known as “the God who was born twice”. Christ was a lamb killed before the creation of the world, but around 1500 years before Christ’s incarnation, Dionysus was known as “born twice”. According to the myth, he had already died in his mother’s womb, but his father Zeus implanted him into himself and gave birth to him again. Moreover, he was the only one who could bring the dead back to the world from the “underground world”, and Jesus was the only one who takes people out of the underworld and into paradise. So, that’s already obvious imitation.

Everything the ghost world does will look like it is. So people begin to wonder, “how can this be harmful?” “Isn’t it wonderful, even beautiful?” But in essence, it is tempting people to worship the false gods.

Joni:What about astrology? I often see people playing with that.

Zach:I don’t play with anything, only the Holy One is allowed into me. (laughter)

John Paul Jackson: According to the Bible, if you follow astrology, you enter into a curse. For cursed is the one who made it. So if you follow it, then you enter under their curse.

Zach:Astrology is essentially a false prophecy.

Joni:Today we see that it is often unconsciously entertaining ghosts and demons. But with so much information and images bombarding us every day, how can we guard our own auditory, visual and other portals? How to guard your home? The answer is about spiritual leadership.

Zach:God gives each of us a noble call: to be the guard of our family’s door, and to be the guard of our culture and marriage. I stand side by side with Christ and guard the door of the family. Those who are allowed to enter are allowed to enter; those who are not allowed to enter are not allowed to enter.

Therefore, we began to see why we want our own home? Do you want my family and my marriage to be holy? Or do you want to entertain some evil spirits that will destroy my marriage and my children?

1500 years ago, St. Augustine wrote in the city of God, “it’s time to explain to the Romans: Why are their cultures falling apart? The reason is that your entertainment industry has been worshipping ghosts for the past two thousand years. And he went on to write, “why do you commit yourself to evil spirits that you have been saved from?” I have been saved from lust, fornication and violence. I have been saved from hell. Why go back? I have been cleansed by Christ’s blood from violent, erotic, and evil tendencies

Merdock:When the Israelites are ordered to put the blood of the Lamb on the lintel, if you have blood there, the angel of death will go around. If we keep God’s presence, make our home full of heavenly atmosphere and God’s blessing, then ghosts and demons can’t enter.

John Paul Jackson: Paul said to the Galatians, “Whoever sows according to the lust will reap corruption from the lust.” if we sow along the evil spirits of darkness, then there will be dark evil forces and problems in our life. That means that our minds, our lives and our families will be open to things that we don’t want to open up. What we want to open is to a better spiritual understanding, a better spiritual insight, and a better relationship with the heavenly Father, who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, who knows nothing more than him, is more capable than him, and has never been to a place he has never been before. Therefore, it is better to invite those who are not created (God himself) into us, rather than those who are created (the created spirit or the created things) to come into us. The power of ghosts and demons is the creation of spiritual things.

Maybe some people will say, “Oh, it won’t come into me.『but will those who have evil spirit in them say that there is a evil spirit in me? 』。 However, it can enter our home, so when people enter your home, do they feel chaos, torture, or peace and quiet atmosphere? It’s all touchable.

Joni:Can you give me an example

John Paul Jackson:Take MMA (mixed martial arts (Unrestricted combat) for example, where people beat, fight, hurt, disfigure each other. Statistics show that those who obviously tend to watch this kind of programs tend to have a clear tendency of violence and fighting. These programs create an atmosphere and mindset (violence, fighting, devastation), so even if the viewer doesn’t want to do something about it, it will significantly increase this kind of behavior.

Zach:This is equivalent to that the Colosseum of Rome enters our home with the help of our TV (screen). For the first time in history, there are pornographic taps and violent taps in people’s homes. These programs (movies, TV, music, etc.) directly drain pornography and violence into the family. So, what’s the point of the Colosseum? St. Augustine said: notice that there are demonic forces behind that kind of performance, and they ask people to be present. Why? Because, they want their taste to become your taste (their taste, become your taste). They want our culture to imitate them. They want to corrupt our children, the majority of us, and our beliefs.

Note:(Whatever entertains you will change the way you believe about it.)
Entertainment influences your beliefs, and inevitably your morals.

John Paul Jackson:So Augustine was saying, “because you’ve been following the customs of foreign demons for so long, your spiritual standards are so low that you can’t make the right decisions. And you’re still making the wrong decisions. And it’s not just about being a Christian,

because you’ve sown your seed so often to your own flesh, you are still reaping decay 『and ruin and destruction』” At the same time, because we have sown the seeds of lust, we have given the enemy legal status to steal and destroy us. Therefore, when we look at things we should not see, we are saying “good” to the seed of the enemy, so that he has a legitimate right to enter.

『For he who sows to his own flesh (lower nature, sensuality) will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.
Galatians 6:8 AMPC』

Joni:Yes, these portals are so important: our eyes, our ears. You have six children. Today’s children are constantly challenged and impacted by evil things. Rebecca was very upset when she was a child because I didn’t allow her to read some series of picture books. But when they grow up, they understand why they can’t watch.

We don’t have to look at these things with fear, but we should really take a closer look at what children are watching. Some cartoons are evil behind them – for example, we did a talk show about Pokemon a few years ago.

(we are just being inundated in that.)
Do you realize that these things are flooding and trying to drown us?

Zach: I understand. I have six children. I watched Disney animation and found, “how come these characters are not sound? Why are these roles unsound? I don’t want my children to be rebellious. So, shut you down, Disney! You can’t teach my children anymore Commercial films are not allowed to teach our children. My kids don’t see this anymore. I don’t want my children to copy what they’re watching, I don’t want them to adopt the language and mindset (what the characters are saying and doing).

Joni:The earlier you start this step, the better. It’s better to guard when you’re young than when you’ve grown up. How to guard the door of the family and refuse the entertainment things they are used to, so that there are no such things in the home?

Zach:It is not difficult: let us repent and admit that we have entertained spirits that are not holy spirits. There is spirit in those things, but not the spirit. When I watched that, Jesus was sitting next to me. He didn’t laugh when I was laughing; he wasn’t when I was excited about it. So, I repent. If I entertain a spirit that is not from God, I reject it: “I don’t want you, I don’t love you, I take back my permission, leave my home, in the name of Jesus Christ! This family belongs to Christ. ”

Moreover, my wife and I will relocate everything in the house: we will travel all over the house and ask the Lord, “what are the blessings for you? What is a blessing to our marriage? What blessings do we bring to our children? ” We keep anything that brings blessings to our family, and we get rid of anything that comes in but is not a blessing. That’s it. We’re building the holy habitation. We should make our home a holy place, a holy place and a place where the immortal God feels comfortable and respected. May the children grow up in this atmosphere.

So clean our nest.


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