The crown of glory for martyrs!The call of martyrs「who died for the Lord Jesus❗」

The crown of glory for martyrs!The call of martyrs「who died for the Lord Jesus❗」

Then I heard further [perceiving the distinct words of] a voice from heaven, saying, Write this: ⭕️Blessed (happy, to be envied) are the dead from now on who die in the Lord! Yes, blessed (happy, to be envied indeed), says the Spirit, [in] that they may rest from their labors, for their works (deeds) do follow (attend, accompany) them!
Revelation 14:13 AMPC

The power of Jesus’ resurrection comes from the martyrs, beyond the nuclear energy

【荣耀的冠冕】 主耶稣复活的能力从殉道者的身上发出,超越核武能量『十四万四千 少女殉道的恩膏』
原创 预备主耶稣再来 预备耶稣再来 今天

Speaker: the Prophet Sundar Selvaraj

Are you ready?
My dear children: you have heard many stories of martyrs. Are you afraid now? Not afraid? Are you ready? Are you sure?

What if you were to be cut in half? What would you do if a needle stuck in your hand?
You will say: Dad! mom! Grandfather! Grandma! Aren’t you?
It’s just a needle. When you go to the hospital and the nurse is ready to give you an injection, you start to cry and feel like the world is going to be destroyed. isn’t it?
It’s just a little needle, you cry like this, not to mention a knife to cut your neck?
Won’t you be the first to run away? Amen? No,Amen?

OK, so you’re telling me: you’re afraid of needles, you’re afraid of needles, but you’re not afraid of knives and swords? Amen? Then you are all wonderful saints!
What happens when a martyr is faced with death: the soul is taken away, leaving only the senseless body
Let me share some of the mysteries with you.

This is what I see in visions, what happens when a martyr faces death.
I was very surprised at what I saw. When a martyr is suffering, his body is suffering, and the pain is just physical. His spirit did not suffer. His spirit will be happy.

The soul is a part of you. It has feelings. It’s your spirit that feels emotions, it’s your spirit that feels pain, it’s all your spirit that feels it. Now suppose the spirit is taken away, and only the body is left. If the persecutor just hits the soulless body, you won’t feel anything because the spirit is not in it. So that’s it. When this happened, God took away the spirit of the martyrs.

The vision of martyrdom of young girls
I have a wonderful prophet friend in Australia, Neville Johnson. Once he saw a vision. God showed him the army of youth in the end. They all rode on white horses, and he rode on white horses beside the Lord Jesus. They are all moving forward

At the far end, there are many military tanks. Jesus stopped and turned to see his youth army. He asked a question: who will go in my name? Everyone raised their hands.
Jesus looked at them, then pointed his hand at an 18-year-old girl. He said: you! stand up!
Hallelujah, and then everyone cheered!

The girl received the anointing oil of martyrdom and bravely faced the missile.
One of us has been chosen! How glorious! They were all happy for the girl. She went to the front and knelt before the Lord Jesus. Jesus put his hands on her and blessed her! (the anointing oil that Jesus put on her martyrdom. This is also the anointing that martyrs need to ask God for) and then say, “go ahead! She began to move forward.

There was a row of tanks in front of her. The soldiers in the tank warned her to stop! No more! She went on. A second warning: stop! go back!
She went on. Third warning: stop! stop! This is the last warning! Stop it!
She didn’t care at all. As soon as she took the next step, the missile came out of the tank. It wasn’t a bullet. A long missile flew to her.
My friend of the prophet was surprised.
What’s going to happen?!
Jesus told him: don’t worry, just watch what happens.

The girl had no fear, there was no pain on her face, she didn’t even frown, she was very calm, calm and brave, just stood there and the missiles came and hit her. At that moment, Jesus suspended the scene. Like that.

Watching the process of girl martyrdom
so what? Suspense? If you want to know what happened, please continue to attend this special meeting. Can you wait? Or do you want to know now? tell me. right now? Now? ok
Because you’re good kids, I’ll tell you.

Then Jesus pressed the pause button, and then everything was still. And the LORD said to the prophet, come with me.
Then they went and stood next to the girl.
Jesus said, “now look, let’s rewind. So the scene rewinds. Now the missile is on her.
Am I right? She’s been shot. So when Jesus rewind, the missile went back.
Jesus said, “now stand by and watch what happens.

Then Jesus pressed the play button and the missile shot at her and hit her. The moment she touched her skin, her spirit came out of her body. Her body was still there, but her spirit came out.
The resurrection power of Jesus came from the martyrs and destroyed the tanks

Her spirit came out first and stood by the Lord Jesus. Then the missile hit her in the body. When the catapult hit her, there was a light coming out of her. It was very powerful, and it hit the military and destroyed all the tanks. Every tank was reduced to ashes. Amen!

This is the power in you, this is the power of resurrection, Amen! This is the power of martyrs! The power is in you. That’s it. You’re like an ant biting you. The next second, your spirit comes out of your body. When your spirit comes out, only your body is there. Your body becomes a sacrifice. Then, out of your body will be released energy, more powerful than all weapons, more powerful than nuclear power, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! This is the glory of martyrs!

The martyrs in heaven will come down to help the martyrs who are called
My dear children.
This is a noble call from God. It is not an ordinary call, but a noble, holy and noble call! Amen!

If you do have a call for martyrs, those martyrs who have gone to heaven will be sent down to help you. They came to help everyone who was called a martyr. This is what the Lord told me.

A martyr in heaven will be sent to look after you. They will guard you like angels. They will help you and strengthen your faith. In the face of death, they will stand beside you and put their hands on your shoulders. So until the end of the day, you don’t deny Jesus.

Otherwise, it is possible and will happen. Some people will give up their faith at the last second because of fear. So the martyr assigned to help you will come and stand beside you, put his hand on your shoulder and encourage you.

Angels add strength to the Lord, so that he can have enough strength to overcome the torture of the cross
Let me give you examples from the Bible.

Luke 22
Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. He almost gave up. And he said, father, take away this cup! I can’t bear it!
Three times he prayed like this.
The Bible says:
An angel came down to strengthen Jesus. Angels strengthen Jesus. When the angel strengthened the Lord, Jesus said his last prayer: not according to my will, but according to your will!

He gave himself up. (we should always pray like this, not according to my will, but according to your will of God, just add strength to me so that I can win
So there will be martyrs from heaven to help you, Amen!
Are you comforted to hear that?
That brings up another problem.
If a martyr is assigned to help you, what kind of Godly lifestyle should you have? Amen!

What kind of Godly lifestyle should you have?
⭕️Abides in Jesus to the end!
Guard our own spirits, and harvest spirits with Jesus!


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